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Direct Distribution Services - Online Shop Product Categories

Catering & Food Outlets
With exceptional service and unbeatable quality standards, DDS is the first choice of many caterers for:
  • Bespoke Cutlery Pouches
  • Custom Printed Napkin Sleeves
  • Napkins, Plain and Printed
  • Stainless Steel Branded Servery Equipment
  • Disposable Point of Service Items
  • Hot Towels
  • Emergency Clean-up Kits

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Air Travel
Airline operators have come to rely on DDS to provide hygiene and comfort promoting items including
  • Emergency Spill Kits
  • Liquid Cleanup Granules
  • Custom Branded Travel Sickness Bags
  • Branded and Plain Food Service Disposables
  • Sanitising Sprays Gels and Wipes
  • Disposable Protective Clothing
  • Surgical Face Masks

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Sea Travel
DDS helps maintain standards of hygiene and comfort for sea travellers by providing:
  • Santising Wipes and Gels
  • Emergency Cleanup Kits
  • Travel Sickness Bags
  • Disposable Protective Clothing
  • Branded Point of Service Items
  • Hot towels
  • Branded Personal Hygiene Items
  • Surgical Face Masks

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Hotel & Accommodation
DDS helps hotels to present their corporate image with :
  • Custom Stainless Steel Point of Service
  • Guest Personal Hygiene Items
  • Printed Napkins
  • Custom Cutlery Sleeves
  • Bespoke Crockery
  • Branded Disposable Point of Service Items
  • Guest Packs

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Rail Travel
DDS helps operators improve their customers' rail travel experience with such items as:
  • Branded Headrest Covers
  • Sanitising Wipes, Sprays and Gel
  • Deodorising Sprays
  • Emergency Clean-up Kits
  • Disposable Protective Clothing
  • Branded Point of Service Equipment
  • Branded Disposables
  • Surgical Face Masks

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DDS offers retailers products to strengthen their branding with custom printing, engraving or labelling:
  • Serving Tongs
  • Branded Point of Service Stainless Steel Items
  • Branded Point of Service Disposable Items
  • Disposable Protective Clothing
  • Branded Packaging
  • Sanitising Sprays, Gels and Wipes
  • Surgical Face Masks

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